1. (pathology) A mild disease caused by the Rubella virus infecting the respiratory tract, and characterised by a rash of pink dots, fever and swollen lymph nodes.


  • epidemic roseola
  • German measles
  • three-day measles
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In other languages

7 letters in word "rubella": A B E L L R U.

Anagrams of rubella:

Words found within rubella:

ab able abler ae al alb albe ale all allure alure ar arb are arle ba bael bal bale baler ball baller balu bar bare baur be bear beau bel bell blae blaer blare blear blue bluer blur bra brae brule bull bulla bullae buller bur bura burl ea ear earl eau el ell er era erub la lab label laer lar lare laurel lea leal lear leu lube lubra lur lure rale re real reb rub rube ruble rue rule ule ur urb ure urea ureal